Intro: Here are a few examples of achievements during my career to give you an impression of what I have been working on.  At uSwitch, the site was receiving around 1,800,000 visitors a month, about half of these were unique visits.  


1) Objective: Improving the mobile journey

Scenario: During the period of 2011 to the present day, we saw an increase in mobile traffic (both tablet and mobile) from 8% to 40%.  

We delivered a 2 phase approach to dealing with this change in consumer behaviour:

  • Quick wins to improving the current mobile optimised version (non-responsive)
  • In the background, building up a new responsive version of the site from the ground up, collaborating with a newer uSwitch branding exercise

Outcome: we had 3 key metrics that we used to measure success:

  • Page Speed: improvement from Grade C to Grade B in gtmetrix.  We aimed to improve this further.
  • Bounce Rate: decreased from 53% on certain pages to 39% improvement.
  • SEO: remained stable.

Overall, we rolled out a great looking, functional site from the ground up, that was available to a wider audience of customers.  We also conducted a series of usability tests to make sure what we were doing made sense to our end users.

You can check this out here:

2) Objective: Improving the use of data for making better business decisions

Scenario: We had a lot of data but we weren't using it effectively.  We were relying on spreadsheets to collate and formulate sales / forecasting figures, which was manual, slow and inaccurate.

Outcome: We delivered a number of internal-hosted tools and dashboards to help assist the commercial and marketing teams in making quicker and more accurate decisions, thus making better use of time for the analysts.

NB. figures are masked out for confidentality

3)  Objective: Introduction of a new vertical - TV comparison

Scenario: At the start of 2012, the broadband market started changing quite drastically, with a lot of providers incorporating TV packages into the broadband and phone deals.  We had to cater for this new selection of packages and demand from customers.

Outcome:  We built a completely new set of templates to encourage the comparison of TV packages available to users in their area.

You can check it out here:

4) Objective: Improvements to user experience

Scenario:  When I first started at uSwitch, the site layout and feel hadn't been changed for a couple of years.  The site began to look outdated and lacked basic user experience (UX) features that the site sorely needed.  The design did not tie in with the rest of the uSwitch, and so there was a lack of consistency across the verticals.

Outcome:  A number of key templates were updated in line with the rest of uSwitch, and key features added to help users find the right deal that was personal and relevant to their needs.

Screenshot on the left is the older site, screenshot on the right is the newer version: